Wellcome at the canyon "Serrai di Sottoguda"

In the dolomites's heart in a little willage called Sottoguda,municipal district of Rocca Pietore (BL)you can find a wonderful canyon “I SERRAI DI SOTTOGUDA”. A mother's nature's masterpiece,the only copy extant.The canyonis 2 Km. long, with several faces,houndreds meters high and where the river Pettorina runs through it. You can walking along this lovely canyon in  both direction,from Sottoguda to Malga Ciapela and vice-versa. You could admire the spectacular Franzei's waterfall,the Sant' Antonio is church and the natural Maria Madonna's cave, where you could pray and light a candle.

Since always Serrai has been scurce of myths and legends ; the most famous is the king Ombro's legend,the eiderly tell that Ombro used to live there under protection of two golden doors placed to both admission., Serrai has been declared natural reserv. Visible both in summer and in winter even by sky. Just wonderful during the winter season when the faces become a real sheets of ice, where expert people can climb,they are renowned all over the world. Together whit the water's gurgling and the tourists's prayers,your wish could be only one.... I would like to come back.

The entrance to the gorge of Serrai di Sottoguda will be by payment.