The Train

The Serrai's tourist train gives service dueing the summer season,from june to september,daily,save in case of bad weather (thunderstorm ) jou start from Sottoguda,a village famous for the manufactoring and selling of wrought iron and wooden articles. The little train cover all the way for 2 km.( difference of level 200 m.) till Malga Ciapela,where it stops for a few minutes and then back. The journej there and back will last 40 minutes,but sure if you want to stop in Malga Ciapela, there' s no problem,you can catch the train after choice what to do in Malga Ciapela: take the cableway to reache the queen of the Dolomites,”la Marmolada” there's no better sight in rest the world; trekking long the several paths, where you can find”baite and malghe” to taste typical food and delicious cheese,or go shopping to take home some souvenirs from this region. It's an option come back by train...don't worry!